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    Docastaway says it has sought out uninhabited, isolated islands with pristine beaches for the real castaway experience.(DOCASTWAY)

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    Guests have been known to stay on an island for as long as 40 days, but Docastaway says two week is the ideal stay.(DOCASTWAY)

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    Guests can opt for the ‘comfort mode,” which offers a buffet and secluded eco-resorts. (DOCASTWAY)

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    Guests eat basic food, such as coconut, fish, bananas, bamboo and crab. (DOCASTWAY)

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    While disconnecting is the point, guests have access to walkie-talkies and other ways to communicate with the outside world, if need be. (DOCASTWAY)

For those wanting to experience what’s like to live like Tom Hanks in “Castaway,” here’s your chance.

Spanish travel company Docastway will send you to a remote island where you will be left to find your own food, build your own shelters and fend off whatever unknowns lurk in the juggle, theDaily Mail reports.

Travelers can pick from 16 desert islands located in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Central America, and will be given fishing equipment and machetes.  Guests have the choice of making their own shelters or choosing between tents, fishermen’s cottages, tree houses or basic bungalows to lay their heads. To guarantee maximum isolation, each island is limited to one single client or couple at one time.

‘They eat basic food, which for the most survivalist experience includes coconut and fish, but depending on the island, there are also bananas, durian, sagoo, palm heats, bamboo and crab,” Docastaway creator, Alvaro Cerezo, told the Daily Mail.

Don’t think you can survive on your hunting and gathering skills?

A ‘comfort mode’ offering up buffet meals in modern bungalows is an option and 24 hour access to the outside world is available if need be.

But living off the grid, even for a short time, doesn’t come cheap. Seven days of remote island life for two people costs around $1,600 – and that doesn’t even include flights.